TLIG radio broadcasts the messages that Vassula Ryden has been receiving from God since 1985
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Listener's testimonies

"Personally the messages from Our Lord through Vassula have changed my spiritual life! I am so deeply grateful that I want to give back in some way to this beautiful ministry. Words cannot express how deeply my relationship with Christ has blossomed under the tutelage of TLIG "
Cynthia Dillard (USA, March 2014)


"May God bls TLIG Radio with vassula Ryden, otherwise True Life in God have brought me from far as concerned my spiritual faith....! may God bls you"
Francis Mutava (Kenya, November 2013)


"I love the programmes, the voices that pray me thro the day, the teachings that filter thro to the depths of my soul and the strenght and courage I receive. My life has changed for the better. I pray more."

Roberta Sunnasy (South Africa, October 2013)


"I always listen to TLIG radio, and I´m returning to Jesus and the to Church because of the messages"

Adriana Matias (Brazil, July 2013)


"such gracious words, it triggered my spirit and stirred my faith! I've been a regular listener of the TLIG radio on daily basis. Besides - the messages are inspired - am blessed"

Pastor David Godson (Sierra Leone, July 2013)


"Probably two years ago I decided to stop going to the catholic church, I decided in my heart to search for another church. It was in that thirst looking that I was looking. I found the TLIG radio station then. It was talking about not leaving the church. I've been hooked ever since. I started going to confession again, and taking it seriously. It has helped me a lot."

Alison Waggoner  (Indianan, USA, July 2013)


"I try to listen to TLIG Radio daily on top of a few readings from the book. I have also read Heaven Is Real But So Is Hell and watched many of the videos of Vassula "

Antonette Kerr  (NY, USA, June 2013)


"I do find peace - and nourishment - in listening to the TLIG-messages"

Christel Hoffman (The Netherlands, March 2013)


“With time I realized how many spiritual fruits TLIG Messages brought to me. Now I'm reading them on daily base in English and Russian”

Leon Landman (Israel, February 2013)


I am SO blessed that I have been told about these prophecies!!! I now have Jesus in my heart & repent of my sins daily! I trust you, Jesus!!!

Susan Woodward DeFanti (USA, January 2013)


What a blessing on the discovery about TLIG radio....Praise the Good Lord.

Rui Francisco (Lilongwe, Malawi, October 2012)


Gracias por la excelente transmisión de la Conferencia de Vassula en el D.F. La sintonice en mi PC por el enlace a tligradio y en mi BBerry por TuneIn Radio. Vivo en Bogotá, Colombia. Varios amigos del Grupo de Oración de San José la sintonizaron quedando muy conmovidos. Damos gracias a Uds.. por ese esfuerzo de difusión.

Luis E Mendoza (Bogotá, Colombia, October 2012)


I was surfing the Net when I came across TLIG a few weeks ago and I just clicked in and what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be for me. I am now hooked, in fact, I am listening to your Radio as I write this, and I find Ms Vasulla's sharing absolutely empowering and encouraging. Now, I am determined to get close to Our Lord Jesus, thank you for this. God bless you all.

Mathew Morais (Malaysia, May 2012)


Have been listening to tlig radio more and more this past few days. I've enjoyed the testimonies from the youth in particular. Would love to hear more testimonies like this. The readers are great. would love to hear it all on cd so I could take it with me in the car.

Stephen (Ireland, March 2012)


I have ben listen for about 3 or 4 years and I live in new york, most of the time I listen to TLIG ON MY COMPUTER every day, not a day go’s by with out it.

Lamont Ramsey (USA orange county, NY, November 2011)


I just found your radio station today. I am so excited and full peace from listening to your reading of the word. Thank you!!! And God bless you all.

Kind Regards,

Perry C. Rieck (Houston, Texas, November 2011)


"...I have listened to Vassula on the TLIG radio and find it enthralling.  I enjoyed the news updates as well."

Paula Kappos (Ohio, USA, September 2011)


“I listen to TLIG radio some times and is so much better specially when eyes are tired”.

Diana Ramirez (Houston, Texas, September 2011)


Hi All, I got to know TLIG radio few days ago. I find it very helpful together with the other files in the web site. It help me to understand the scripture according to the present time, to follow my path already designed by the Almighty God, to be closer to Jesus, also when I feel so far from Heaven. Thanks Vassula.

God Bless you all,

Riccardo Spat (Czech Republic, August 2011)


"I started reading the True Life in God messages, like a child at Christ's school, two and a half years ago. During this period Jesus educated me, transformed me, improved me little by little, with a lot of Tenderness and Love. The word of God became more alive for me every day. When I started reading the Holy Messages for TLIG radio, I rediscovered, always more intensely, all the treasures of the teaching, the great Love of the Holy Trinity and the Divine Mercy of God and above all, the nearness of Jesus' Heart. This is a source of huge Joy as if my heart will explode!! I wish that everybody will discover this Huge Love of the Holy Trinity and our Holy Mother Mary, who come to us today.!!"

Valerie Bernard (Switzerland, March 2011)


“My heart is so much into reading and recording the TLIG messages for the radio... When you have to reproduce the Words of Jesus out of your own mouth - somehow it penetrates your heart, soul and your whole being!. It is really amazing experience! I think everybody have to try it. As Jesus said - each (His) Word is a Spirit. It truly is! I pray that the Holy Spirit will infuse Himself in the people who listen and make them burning with Love for Jesus... even if only one soul will be saved - it worth all our effort."

Renata Boster (Russia, February 2011)


I often visit the TLIG radio site and just recently I downloaded some of Vassula's talk and will try to burn it on CD to share with others. I will include the link to our e-group so others will know about the radio. God bless all the volunteers who took the effort and time to record the TLIG messages.

In Christ,

Irene Adube (Phillipines, February 2011)


"There is no excuse why someone would not study the books written by Vassula under guidance of Holy Spirit? Vassula's example alone would show all the scientists coming from "Darvine's faith" to be dead wrong. TLiG radio is just the easy way to listen to God's Word. It's just started and it's already been a hit! I let it run for hours at my home! God bless us all!"

Stan Stanislaw Piasta (Ottawa Canada, February 2011)


"Hi there... I listen to TLIG almost everyday. I love it :)"


Christine New (Texas, February 2011)


"I Live in India, Vassula has been to my Country... I am Really loving TLIG Radio, and I am Sharing it with my Friends on Facebook and via Emails"

Bridon D'souza (India, February 2011)


I hear the TLIG radio because the messages of Jesus are my inspiration to paint my icons, the massages give me strength to believe in my faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Father Almighty.

Waldomiro Romero (Brazil, January 2011)


The TLIG Radio Team is doing a fantastic job. I was brought to Christ more intimately through the tlig radio channel! I never knew that Jesus wants his lambs to pray to Mama Mary too! We understood deeply how Our Lord Jesus feels about His mother through the messages, which are broadcasted on TLIG Radio. That brought me closer to Mama Mary! Knowing the importance to pray the Rosary! It gives me inner peace! The TLIG radio team has done a great job spreading Christ's messages to the world!

Tina (Dubai, October 2010)


I do listen to the English channel. We have a French prayer group for youth between 14 & 25 years of age called Esprit-Jeunesse. These days with youth and the technological advances, it’s easier to pass everything through audio, most of them would not read that many books anyways. I am currently downloading the English messages to pass them around...

God bless you all,

James Gendron (Canada, June 2010)


Lately I have been feeling very tired because of work. Fortunately, I started fiddling with the computer and I ended up listening to the True Life in God radio taped messages. It is very good way of meditating the messages when you are feeling very tired and distracted. I found it very helpful because it helps me remember the messages and understand them better. It gave me the impression I was reading with others. I like how the voice changes, how it is emphasized when Jesus speaks as it helps me comprehend better the meaning.

God Bless,

Aggelikh Michelaki (Greece, May 2010)


Thanks TLIG radio for the broadcasts. I listen to the English radio programs sometimes 2-3 times per day. I am losing part of my eyesight and find listening to the messages more convenient and easier than reading. I also like the interspersion of music between messages. Also, it is very convenient to listen to them while preparing meals. My French friends cannot wait to hear TLIG radio in French. Do you have plans to broadcast in French soon?

Pls keep up the good work.

In Christ,

Dennis Knecht (France, March 2010)


I’ve been listening to TLIG radio since I knew about the TLIG messages, half an year ago. I feel a strong call to listen to the messages as often as I can, which I do both online and through downloaded files. It gives me a great pleasure and peace. My love for the Holy Trinity has reached a level that I never thought I was able to and I have started to love Our lady as never before. I start having a really great need to pray, specially after listening to the messages, and in my prayers I include a lot of TLIG prayers that really inflame my heart. As a catholic, my love and respect for the Pope and the church hierarchy has also augmented, and at the same time I’ve started to be aware of the Orthodox church and I’m developing a big respect for it.

I am sure that the TLIG messages are God’s work and that through them the Holy Spirit reaches everyone who opens the heart. I’m feeling it in my life. The messages have not only boosted my faith but they are also an everyday companion that push me through a stronger spiritual development. 

May God bless you all,

Jorge Silva (Portugal, February 2010)


I leave in Munich - Germany. I am Ethiopian Orthodox (that is the land where I come from). I like this radio program. Even though I heard some part of the book "True Life in God", interviews or teachings of Vassula, I like to hear it again and again. But sometimes, I wish, we can hear more of this great present of God. I am learning so many things, that I wouldn't have understood before. I like also the music. I can say, I am healed through this particular music. You are working with archiving the readings, I think. It is a great idea. Instead of listening to some unnecessary (earthly) music, we can hear readings from TLIG every time and everywhere (online). It is wonderful. I have never been to TLIG pilgrimage. After searching of what is true and what is not, I found this book or the answers through this book (through Vassula), I think and I hope. To say the truth, I can’t detach myself from "True life in God". What else can I get more!

God Bless,

Hirut (Germany, April 2008)