TLIG radio broadcasts the messages that Vassula Ryden has been receiving from God since 1985
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Ways to Promote TLIG radio:

Send Radio Cards to your friends. Radio Cards must include the name "TLIG radio" and the web address "".

Work that signature file: Put a link to TLIG radio on your email signature. For example, your signature can be: Tune into TLIG radio station

Maintain a mailing list and send out regular updates to let people know what you are up to and how you enjoy listening to TLIG radio. ATTENTION: most people don’t like reading long emails, so keep them brief!

Make branded schwag: Plaster the radio address on stickers, t-shirts, flyers, pens, etc and give them to people.

Visit your favorite social web sites (FaceBook, Twitter, etc.) and invite your friends to listen to TLIG radio.

Contact your local media: Newspapers and television stations love your input. Let them know about who you are and why you like TLIG radio. Are you a volunteer for TLIG radio? Then send them a photo of you in action at volunteering work! :)