Broadcasts the prophetic messages that Vassula Rydén has been receiving from God since 1985
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30th Anniversary of True Life in God!

This Saturday marks the 30th Anniversary of the True Life in God Messages. It was November 28, 1985, when Vassula received her first Message from Heaven. Since that time, she has received nearly 2000 published Messages which are now translated in more than 40 languages. Read more about the Anniversary here…

Christ’s Agony in Gethesthimani

There is only one word to describe this piece of artwork: Breathtaking! Each print  is hand signed and authorized by the artist, Vassula Ryden, as a faithful reproduction of the original oil painting.

Pray LIVE the Holy Rosary!

Pray the Holy Rosary with us every Sunday! It is transmitted LIVE at 7:30 pm London time on TLIG Radio, English Channel. The group praying consists of people from many countries and you can write prayer intentions by using the contact form or send them at [email protected]

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